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A 341 hearing is also an opportunity for your creditors to ask you questions if they want to.

Many times your creditors will not appear and the only questions asked will come from the Trustee assigned to your case. This is particularly true in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Whether creditors will show up depends on the particulars of your situation. Once the hearing is over your creditors have 60 days to file objections to your discharge.

If they don't (and in a typical Chapter 7 case they do not) then the most likely outcome is that you will receive your discharge.

Also called the Meeting of Creditors.

The 341 Hearing is an official court proceeding. It is recorded. You will probably be the only witness. And that makes sense; after all it is your case!​

You will verify that the information is your petition is true. Then you will answers any the bankruptcy Trustee may have. 

Although you will be under oath (and must tell the truth) this is not a trial. There is a certain informality about this hearing, mostly because the hearing is not normally held in a courtroom.

It is usually held in a conference room that is much smaller than a typical courtroom.

Your 341 Hearing