If you hire me then the bankruptcy process starts with a phone call to my office.

When you first call we'll talk a little bit about your situation. Then we'll set up an office meeting.

Our first meeting is informational.

You'll give me information.

I'll give you information. ​

Generally I'll be telling you about:

* the different types of bankruptcy

* the benefits of bankruptcy

* what bankruptcy can and can't do.

Bankruptcy Overview/

First Meeting With Me

SE Michigan Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Law Firm

Bankruptcy Law Attorney
John Ceci PLLC

I will also talk to you about the importance of being honest during the bankruptcy process. 

I am required to give this information so it's not secret. 

But it is important. So I'll give it to you in writing.

The rest of the meeting is to talk about your particular situation. When we're done with that first meeting we will have a good idea if bankruptcy is right for you.

​If you want to see the information I will be giving you click the "My Bankruptcy Notices" button below and a copy of this document will open in a new page.