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Credit Counseling

​The reality is that by the time you're talking to a bankruptcy attorney, you probably can't pay your debts. But the counseling is still required.

Sometimes the agency will not try to develop a plan for you. But if they do then their proposed plan has to be filed with your bankruptcy petition.

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​​Cost of Counseling
Credit counseling agencies can charge a fee for this service.

If you cannot afford the fee, the agency must provide services free or at reduced rates. So you can ask for a lower rate!

The agencies are supposed to offer a sliding scale for fees.

They are supposed to waive their fees for low income people (below 150% of the poverty level for your family size).

Generally I have seen fees from $15 to $50. So shop around. 

​​Purpose of Counseling

The purpose of the first counsel­ing is to see if some sort of informal repayment plan can address your financial difficulties.

​​​​Bankruptcy law only requires you to parti­cipate in the counseling. If the agency suggests a plan you are not required to agree with it. 

Requirement for Counseling

You must go through two credit counseling sessions.

The first session must be done before filing your petition.

This first session must be completed no more than 180 days before you file your petition. 

My clients typically do the first session after our first meeting.

The second session must be completed before you can receive your discharge.

I typically advise clients to complete this second session right after we file their petition. This gets it done sooner rather than later.

You will receive a certificate of completion, usually via email.