I'll need copies of your bank statements. 

If you own a home, a copy of the deed. 

You'll need to be have filed your tax returns for the last four years. I will need the last two years tax returns. 

If there is a mortgage, second mortgage/equity line of credit I'll need those documents. If you've been sued I'll need that paperwork.

If you are divorced I will need a copy of your judgment of divorce. ​​

All this required information is in a list. 
I'll give you that list when we meet.

Bankruptcy is very much about paperwork.

I'll need proof of your income, your debts and your expenses.

This means pay stubs and copies of monthly bill statements, like your cell phone bill, your cable and gas or electric bill.

If any of your accounts are in collection copies of collection letters are helpful.

Paperwork, Paperwork & More Paperwork

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